349: Gin Stephens - Intermittent Fasting Unveiled: Exploring Different Approaches and Debunking Myths

Intermittent Fasting Unveiled: Exploring Different Approaches and Debunking Myths with Gin Stephens

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In this podcast episode, Brad from the Over 40 Fitness Hacks Podcast interviews Gin Stephens from the Intermittent Fasting Stories Podcast to discuss intermittent fasting and its benefits. They address the confusion surrounding different versions of fasting and whether it is suitable for both men and women of all ages.

Gin shares that intermittent fasting involves alternating periods of eating and not eating. The most common approach is time-restricted eating, where individuals have a daily eating window during which they consume their meals. Gin follows a 19:5 fasting schedule, meaning she fasts for 19 hours and has a 5-hour eating window. She emphasizes that intermittent fasting is not about extreme calorie restriction but rather about the timing of meals.

They also touch on the topic of longer fasting and its potential benefits. Gin warns against excessive fasting beyond 72 hours unless under medical supervision and for specific health purposes. She mentions that alternate daily fasting, which involves a 36-hour fast followed by a 12-hour eating period, is a well-researched fasting protocol that balances fat loss and metabolic boosting.

Brad shares his experience with intermittent fasting, including his 18:6 fasting schedule and occasional longer fasts. He explains that he ventured into longer fasting not primarily for weight loss but to experience the autophagy effect and the potential benefits of body cleansing. He noticed improvements in his cholesterol levels after four months of intermittent fasting, particularly from the longer fasting periods.

Overall, the podcast episode provides an overview of intermittent fasting, addresses concerns about women and fasting, and discusses the potential benefits and limitations of longer fasting periods. Gin and Brad emphasize that fasting should be approached with moderation and personalized to individual needs and health conditions.

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