346: Brad Williams - Checking Out The Latest Craze: A Review of Smart Home Workout Machines 2023

Checking Out The Latest Craze: A Review of Smart Home Workout Machines 2023

Vitruvian Trainer - Top Pick

MaxPro Home Gym - Runner Up

In this podcast episode, I, Brad Williams, a personal trainer with expertise in helping people over 40, review various smart home workout machines. I share my experience of exploring these machines and provide pros and cons for each option. My sister recently remodeled her house and was convinced to invest in a smart home workout machine, particularly the Tonal machine. However, after thoroughly researching different options, we ended up choosing a brand-new machine that I discovered through a TikTok ad.

I discuss my preference for building my own gym with affordable equipment, as it provides more variety and options compared to smart home workout machines. Nevertheless, I recognize the appeal of these machines and proceed to review them for listeners who may be interested.

I start with the Magic Mirror, which lacks weights and cable systems, making it less versatile and engaging for users in the long run. The Peloton, similar to the Magic Mirror, eventually becomes monotonous for many users.

Then I dive into the Tonal machine, which offers weight training and a pulley system for various exercises. However, it comes with a hefty price tag of around $4,000, plus a required membership fee. While it is space-saving and supports up to 200 pounds, it may not provide enough variety for everyone's workout routine.

Next, I discuss the Speedy Jim Monster Home Gym, which resembles a smaller version of the Tonal with added cables, a bench, and a rowing feature. Although it lacks the sleek design of the Tonal, it offers more cardio options and doesn't require a subscription fee. It is also foldable and saves space, but it focuses on concentric movements, providing resistance only during the lifting phase.

I then move on to the Vitruvian Form Trainer, a platform resembling a step, with cable handles for a range of exercises. It includes a bench and supports concentric and eccentric movements, making it ideal for the over-40 crowd. However, it lacks anchor points for certain exercises, and its weight limit of 440 pounds may not be suitable for everyone.

Another option is the Tempo Studio, which resembles a large Magic Mirror with smart weights. These weights can track motion speed and provide workout statistics on the LCD screen. While it is a space-saving option and offers weight tracking, its maximum weight capacity may not be sufficient for some users.

Finally, I discuss the Max Pro Smart Connect, a foldable and portable machine similar to a skinny snowboard. This device, featured on Shark Tank, is endorsed by Shaquille O'Neal. It connects to a phone app, tracks progress, and can be mounted on a rail, making it suitable for travel. However, it lacks eccentric movement resistance and may have issues with cord lengths and uneven pressure.

After reviewing all these options, I express a preference for the Max Pro Smart Connect due to its portability and affordability. However, I advise considering individual fitness goals and preferences before making a final decision.

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