304: Living a Consistently Fit and Healthy Lifestyle with Krissy Krash

Krissy Krash

Living a Consistently Fit and Healthy Lifestyle with Krissy Krash

Introduce Krissy Krash as a fellow fitness colleague and roller derby athlete.
Discuss the importance of consistency in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.
Briefly touch on Krissy's journey towards a consistently healthy lifestyle.

Main Body:

Discuss Krissy's background and how she became interested in fitness and roller derby.
Ask Krissy about the challenges she faced in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, particularly in the context of being a roller derby athlete.
Ask Krissy about her strategies for staying consistent with her fitness and nutrition habits, despite the demands of her busy schedule.
Discuss the role of accountability in maintaining a consistent fitness routine, and ask Krissy how she stays accountable to her goals.
Ask Krissy about her favorite workouts and how she keeps things interesting to avoid burnout.
Ask Krissy about her approach to nutrition, including her favorite healthy foods and strategies for staying on track with healthy eating.

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