297: Learning to Exercise Backwards with Nate Sleger from Begin Within Fitness

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In this episode, we sit down with Nate Sleger, a personal trainer and owner of Begin Within Fitness. Nate introduces the concept of learning to exercise backwards, which focuses on every other aspect of someone's routine other than the normal weight training and cardio. This approach puts a spotlight on the usual suspects such as sleep, hydration, and nutrition, which clients often neglect in their eagerness to focus on a new exercise program.

Main Discussion: Nate shares his background and journey in the fitness industry and how he developed the concept of exercising backwards. He explains how many clients approach him with the goal of losing weight or building muscle, but they are not prioritizing other crucial elements such as sleep and nutrition.

We delve into how exercise can be more effective when it's combined with a balanced routine that includes healthy habits outside of the gym. Nate shares tips on how to improve sleep, hydration, and nutrition, including the benefits of a well-rounded approach and the importance of individualizing recommendations.

We also discuss how exercise can be a tool to help people make positive changes in their lives and how it can lead to increased self-awareness and self-confidence. Nate shares some inspiring stories of how he has seen clients transform their lives by incorporating healthier habits and exercise into their routines.

Conclusion: Learning to exercise backwards is a unique and refreshing approach to fitness that challenges the traditional focus on weight training and cardio. By prioritizing sleep, hydration, and nutrition, clients can achieve better results and make more sustainable changes in their lives. We hope you enjoyed this episode and learned something new about how to approach fitness in a more holistic and well-rounded way.

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