Over 40 Fitness Hacks Podcast: Episode 333 - Revitalizing Your Soul: Life Coaching 101

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In this engaging podcast episode, Brad Williams, the host of "Over 40 Fitness Hacks," sits down with Susan Scollen, the host of "My Soul Life." The episode begins with Brad introducing his mission to help individuals over 40 fight the aging process without sacrificing their social lives. He explains that in this episode, he will be interviewing Susan, a fellow health and wellness coach and life coach, to delve into her story of postnatal depression and how she found her way into the field of life coaching. Brad also mentions that they will explore postnatal depression in more depth in future episodes.

Susan starts by sharing her background in the corporate world, where she had a secure job and a supportive boss. However, she began to feel a nagging sensation urging her to pursue her own path and discover what truly lit her up. She found herself grappling with conflicting beliefs about security and retirement, which made it challenging for her to explore her true desires. However, the turning point came when she experienced postnatal depression after the birth of her son Teddy. This difficult journey compelled her to start searching for what truly brought her joy and happiness, leading her to make significant changes in her life.

One pivotal moment Susan recounts is a conversation she had with a woman in her twenties or thirties who believed she was too old to make changes in her own life. Susan challenged this belief and made the woman realize that age should not be a limiting factor in pursuing personal growth and transformation. Susan firmly believes that everyone has the ability to make changes and evolve at any stage of life.

As the conversation progresses, Brad asks Susan about her various endeavors besides her podcast, "My Soul Life." Susan reveals that she works with individuals to help them create their soul life, effectively helping them identify and pursue their dreams. Through coaching, she assists people in determining what they truly want in life and taking steps towards achieving those aspirations. Susan is a board-certified health and wellness coach and a life coach. She also mentions that she is a writer, with plans to release her first book, possibly on the topic of postnatal depression. Additionally, Susan's podcast, "My Soul Life," has reached an impressive 243 episodes, which is a testament to her passion for engaging conversations and personal growth.

Brad shares his own experiences of changing directions in his career, transitioning from a brick and mortar gym business to online training and podcasting. He emphasizes that age should not deter individuals from making changes and highlights the remarkable success of his wife, who experienced exponential growth in her business even in her 40s. Brad believes that being passionate about one's pursuits is more important than seeking security in a corporate job.

Susan and Brad both agree that alignment and purpose play crucial roles in finding fulfillment and experiencing transformation. Susan reflects on her past tendencies to change jobs frequently without fully understanding herself and her needs. Now, she has found her true purpose and acknowledges the importance of constant growth and staying present. Brad concurs, emphasizing that when individuals align with their authentic selves, others can feel their energy and passion.

In conclusion, this podcast episode provides valuable insights into Susan Scollen's journey and her work as a health and wellness coach and life coach. It highlights the idea that age should not be a limiting factor in pursuing personal growth and making positive changes. Susan's story serves as an inspiration for listeners, encouraging them to discover their passions, pursue their dreams, and embrace transformation at any stage of life.



Over 40 Fitness Hacks Podcast: Episode 334 - Revitalizing the Soul and Overcoming Postnatal Depression

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In this podcast episode, Brad Williams, the host of "Over 40 Fitness Hacks," continues his interview with Susan Scollen, the host of "My Soul Life." The focus of this episode is on postnatal depression and how it impacted Susan's life, eventually leading her to the fields of health and wellness coaching and life coaching. Brad sets the stage by highlighting the importance of understanding postnatal depression and Susan's personal journey.

Susan explains that postnatal depression goes beyond hormonal imbalances and is rooted in a loss of identity. After giving birth to her son, she found herself struggling to adapt to her new role and responsibilities while feeling disconnected from her pre-baby self. Susan shares the challenges she faced, including sleepless nights, breastfeeding difficulties, and dealing with judgment from others. She also recounts specific incidents where she felt unheard and disregarded by medical professionals, adding to her feelings of frustration and isolation.

Throughout her journey, Susan realized the significance of finding her own voice and seeking support. She emphasizes the importance of self-care, proper nutrition, and movement in overcoming postnatal depression. Susan also acknowledges the role of hormones and gut health in mental well-being but highlights that addressing the underlying issues, such as the loss of identity, is crucial for sustainable healing.

Brad and Susan discuss the journey of recovery and transformation. They emphasize that postnatal depression or any mental health issue doesn't have to define a person's entire life. Susan shares her own experience of recovery and redefining her identity. She encourages listeners to recognize that they can move through these challenges and create a new narrative for themselves.

The episode concludes with Brad commending Susan for her powerful story and highlighting the importance of addressing the psychological aspect of postnatal depression alongside the physical and hormonal aspects. Susan's journey serves as an inspiration to listeners, offering hope and a reminder that they can overcome and thrive beyond postnatal depression.

Overall, this podcast episode sheds light on the impact of postnatal depression, the journey of recovery, and the power of finding one's voice and seeking support. It provides valuable insights and encouragement for individuals facing similar challenges, reminding them that they can navigate through difficult times and reclaim their sense of self.



Over 40 Fitness Hacks Podcast: Episode 335 - Unlocking Your Soul Life: Empowering Entrepreneurs 

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In this episode of the "Over 40 Fitness Hacks" podcast, host Brad Williams interviews Susan Scollen, the host of "My Soul Life." This episode is the third part of their interview series, where they delve into the benefits of life coaching for various individuals, including entrepreneurs, those dealing with trauma, and individuals experiencing postnatal depression.

Susan shares her journey and explains that while she initially thought she would focus on helping women with postnatal depression, she discovered that her true passion lies in coaching and providing deeper support for individuals who are ready to move forward in their lives. She emphasizes the significance of taking small steps and making gradual changes when building one's soul life, drawing a parallel to the fitness realm where progress is made one step at a time.

According to Susan, her coaching approach involves creating a safe space for clients to share their experiences and desires. Instead of prescribing solutions, she guides clients by asking questions that help them uncover their own expertise and preferences. She recognizes that each individual is the expert of their own life and tailors her coaching accordingly.

While Susan primarily works with clients in their thirties and forties, she explains that her coaching is not limited to a specific age group or gender. She welcomes both men and women, and she is open to supporting individuals from the LGBTQI community. By maintaining a broad niche, she aims to provide a safe and inclusive environment where clients can seek support and work towards their goals.

Susan conducts her coaching sessions primarily over Zoom, offering the flexibility and privacy of connecting with clients in the comfort of their own homes. While she is open to meeting clients for a coffee in her local area of Harvey Bay in Queensland, Australia, she finds that the virtual setting allows for a more intimate and open conversation.

To connect with Susan and explore her coaching services, listeners are directed to her podcast, "My Soul Life with Susan Scollen," her Instagram account @mysoul.life.podcast, and her website at susanscollen.com. She encourages interested individuals to reach out via direct message or email, expressing her willingness to discuss their current situation, determine if she is the right fit for their needs, or offer guidance and referrals if necessary.

Brad expresses his gratitude to Susan for sharing her story and insights, recognizing the value her coaching can bring to a wide range of individuals going through different transitions. They both acknowledge the positive impact they are making in their respective fields and encourage each other to continue spreading knowledge and transforming lives.




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