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Over 40 Fitness Hacks Podcast: Episode 330 - Exploring the Fundamentals of Gut Health

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In this episode of the podcast "Over 40 Fitness Hacks," host Brad Williams introduces Dr. Ann Barter, a chiropractor and functional medicine doctor specializing in gut health. Dr. Barter, known as the "gut health detective," shares her personal journey towards alternative medicine and her focus on gut health. She describes a time in college when she experienced severe hives, leading to multiple visits to the emergency room with no clear answers. This lack of understanding about her health issues motivated her to explore holistic treatments and dietary changes.

Dr. Barter emphasizes the importance of gut health in her own life and her practice. She explains how she discovered the connection between her diet, stress levels, and the hives she was experiencing. By addressing her gut health through dietary adjustments, she was able to alleviate her symptoms and has not experienced hives since. Over the years, she has focused on improving her gut health by addressing issues such as dysbiosis, gut infections, and leaky gut.

Additionally, Dr. Barter discusses the impact of hormonal changes, particularly during perimenopause, on gut health. She highlights the role of estrogen in the gut and how imbalances can lead to various health issues, including weight gain and increased risk of certain diseases. Stress management is also crucial for maintaining gut health, especially during this stage of life.

When asked about the necessity of gut testing for individuals without apparent issues, Dr. Barter suggests considering symptoms such as eczema, autoimmune diseases, athletic performance problems, nutrient deficiencies, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. If any of these symptoms are present, she believes that gut testing can be beneficial in identifying underlying gut health issues. However, she also acknowledges that the decision to undergo gut testing depends on the individual's specific situation and priorities.

Overall, Dr. Ann Barter's expertise in gut health and her personal experience with overcoming health issues provide valuable insights into the importance of gut health and the impact it can have on overall well-being.



Over 40 Fitness Hacks Podcast: Episode 331 - The Basics Of Gut Health And When To Seek A Professional

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In this episode of the Over 40 Fitness Hacks podcast, host Brad Williams continues his interview with Dr. Ann Barter, a chiropractor specializing in gut health. They discuss the basics of gut health and common issues people face, such as bloating, constipation, loose stools, and undigested food in the stool. Dr. Barter emphasizes the importance of proper digestion and elimination for maintaining good gut health.

She explains that feeling energized after meals is a positive sign, while feeling fatigued can indicate overeating or consuming too many carbohydrates, leading to changes in blood sugar levels. Stress is another factor that significantly affects gut health, as it can impact blood flow and oxygen supply to the gut, hindering digestion and nutrient absorption.

Dr. Barter also highlights the significance of stress levels, bowel movement frequency, stool characteristics (darkish brown and sinking), and the absence of bloating or excessive gas after meals. Additionally, she considers factors like skin issues, depression, and stress levels in her assessment.

When discussing how to optimize gut health, Brad shares his own experiences with lactose intolerance and gluten allergy, feeling great after consuming non-lactose and non-gluten foods. He asks Dr. Barter about ways to improve gut health and mentions some suggestions he has heard, such as drinking aloe vera juice, consuming more black pepper, and incorporating fermented foods into the diet.

Dr. Barter explains that the effectiveness of these suggestions depends on individual circumstances. For example, aloe vera juice may promote bowel movements and healing in some cases, but it may not be the ideal treatment for everyone. Similarly, fermented foods can be beneficial for the gut microbiome, but they may cause discomfort for individuals with histamine intolerance.

She also shares an interesting anecdote about a patient who found that drinking red wine positively affected a specific aspect of her gut microbiome. Dr. Barter emphasizes the importance of individualized approaches to gut health and suggests listening to one's body, keeping a food journal, and paying attention to how different foods and workouts make them feel.

Overall, the podcast episode provides insights into gut health and highlights the need for personalized strategies to optimize digestion, elimination, and overall well-being.



Over 40 Fitness Hacks Podcast: Episode 332 - The Interconnectedness Of Neurotransmitters, Hormones, And Gut Health

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In this episode of the Over 40 Fitness Hacks podcast, host Brad Williams continues his interview with Dr. Ann Barter, a chiropractor and functional medicine doctor specializing in gut health. They discuss the role of neurotransmitters, specifically serotonin and dopamine, in gut health and overall well-being. Dr. Barter explains that serotonin, largely produced and stored in the gut, contributes to happiness, joy, gut motility, blood sugar regulation, and appetite control. Dopamine, on the other hand, is associated with motivation, focus, and adrenal gland regulation.

The conversation delves into the impact of sugar on dopamine levels and its addictive nature. They discuss how processed foods filled with sugar can lead to gut dysbiosis and various health issues. Dr. Barter emphasizes the importance of nutrient levels and gut health in maintaining proper neurotransmitter balance. She mentions that testing neurotransmitter levels can be done through urine tests, although spinal taps provide more accurate results.

Regarding gut bacteria, they touch on the complexity of identifying ideal bacterial levels as it varies among individuals. Dr. Barter acknowledges that current knowledge about different bacterial strains and their optimal levels is still in its early stages. However, she advises listeners to focus on what feels good for them individually and suggests incorporating a diverse range of raw blended vegetables into their diet to support gut health.

Dr. Barter shares how the implementation of this tip from her podcast, Gut Health Reset, has shown significant improvements in her patients' gut health. She also mentions her practice, Alternative Family Medicine, and directs listeners to her podcast for further information.

Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into the connection between neurotransmitters, gut health, and overall well-being, highlighting the importance of individualized approaches and the impact of sugar on gut health.




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