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Welcome to Over 40 Fitness Hacks, the podcast for individuals looking to fight the aging process while still enjoying their social lives. I provide invaluable insights, tips, and tricks tailored explicitly for the over-40 crowd.  I have been a personal trainer and gym owner with over 14 years of experience.  This show brings together health and wellness experts from around the globe.  My goal is to help you unlock your full potential, regain vitality, and make the most out of every stage of life.  Fitness after 40 doesn't have to be this hard!


Are you over 40 and struggling to achieve your desired level of fitness? Look no further! With over 14 years of experience as a personal trainer specializing in the over-40 age group, I understand the unique challenges you face. As someone who recently turned 42 myself, I know firsthand the difficulties of losing weight and staying fit as we get older.


Introducing Over 40 Fitness Hacks, the podcast dedicated to helping individuals like you unlock the secrets to reaching your fitness goals while still enjoying your social life. With three years of podcasting excellence, we have been providing valuable insights, expert tips, and practical strategies to educate and inspire the over-40 crowd.


Our podcast isn't just about theories and generic advice – it's about sharing proven workout techniques that deliver real results. As a personal trainer and owner of four gyms in Orange County, I've had the privilege of helping countless individuals transform their bodies and lives. Now, through Over 40 Fitness Hacks, I want to share my expertise with you.


Join us for three episodes per week, where we dive deep into a variety of topics. In one week, you'll hear me sharing solo episodes, packed with insights and actionable steps you can implement right away. And in the alternate weeks, we bring on esteemed guests from the health and wellness space, including experts like Dr. Holly Lucille, Dr. Amy Novotny, Dr. Janine Krause, and Pete McCall, who provide invaluable knowledge and advice.


But it doesn't end with the podcast. We go the extra mile to engage with our audience and make a real difference in their lives. Our episodes feature call-to-actions, empowering you to take the knowledge you gain and put it into practice. We believe in the power of accountability and community, which is why we have created a supportive environment for like-minded individuals to connect and thrive.


Don't just take our word for it – our listeners have spoken. Check out the testimonials on iTunes, where you'll find countless success stories of individuals who have transformed their health and fitness with the help of Over 40 Fitness Hacks.


Looking ahead, we have big plans to expand and offer even more value. We're committed to providing you with the best fitness resources, and that includes partnering with affiliate products we believe in. Additionally, we are excited to offer personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me via Zoom, where I can provide tailored guidance to help you reach your specific goals.


It's time to unlock the secrets of fitness after 40. Join us on this incredible journey, and together, we'll redefine what it means to live a fit and vibrant life in your 40s and beyond.


Are you ready to make a change? Start listening to Over 40 Fitness Hacks today and take the first step toward your transformation.




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